Jessica Read

Originally from Vancouver Island, Jessica has spent the last twelve years living in the Yukon Territory and has moved back to open Breath of Life Yukon wellness collective. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, she has always felt a connection with nature and has come to recognize that same wholesome connection through her yoga practice.

Jessica has been practicing yoga for thirteen years, teaching for nine. Seeing and feeling the benefits of yoga on her own body and mind and within her own lifestyle, she wanted to help others achieve similar experiences.  Jessica began her first formal yoga teachings at the Sivananda Ashram in India’s Netala Region in 2006. Soon after being drawn to the movement and the free flow of shakti, Jessica was lead to Shiva Rea whose teachings follow the Krishnamacharya lineage.  Jessica also practices Visionary Cranialsacral Therapy graduating 2015.

Our breath is the force and the focus behind prana flow, which is an evolving form of traditional hatha yoga. Jessica believes that yoga is the beginning journey within oneself to reconnect, transform, and evolve to our full potential.


Bonnie MacDonald



For 25 years Bonnie has been deeply committed to yoga as a path to returning home.  She has studied with teachers from many traditions, completed a 3 year certified Teacher training program in California and taught yoga in the Yukon for 20 years.  Her greatest wish and aspiration is for each of us to find our way home to truth and to offer the benefits of this exploration to our world.  Namaste




Audrey Percheron


audrey-yogaAudrey moved to Canada from France in 2008 with her husband. After backpacking and exploring Canada, they eventually settled in Quebec City, where they remained for 7 years. In 2016, Audrey and her family decided to venture north and moved to Whitehorse.

While living in Quebec, Audrey discovered yoga and she fell in love with it. In a short time, she became a highly-qualified instructor authorized to teach Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Aerial Yoga. But her interest and passion for holistic wellness didn’t stop there. She went on to complete her teacher training in Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga, as well as Yoga for Seniors.

Prior to embarking on her yoga teacher journey, Audrey was a dancer. In fact, she’s been dancing since she was 6 years-old. She has danced for 25 years and has taught many different forms of dance for 15 years.

Whether it’s yoga or dance, Audrey loves to teach and help others bring their mind and body into harmony. Her extensive experience, broad range of knowledge, and understanding of movement enables her to tailor the learning experience to the individual needs of her students.



Beverley Avano


Beverley  has been avidly teaching and practicing yoga for 15 years. She was drawn to yoga after an injury and quickly discovered its ability to influence quality of life beyond physical fitness. She sees yoga as a tool which, when practiced regularly, allows her to have a more rounded and holistic lifestyle. Since discovering yoga, it has shaped her both personally and professionally.

Beverley strongly feels a regular yoga practice will provide a person with more possibilities physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally than he or she can imagine. All that is needed to benefit from yoga is a desire to learn, a chance to try, and willingness to practice.

Beverley believes yoga is for everybody and every body. She knows that anyone can benefit from any range of participation, from one class to ongoing classes to retreats.  Over the years she has observed amazing changes in her students lives.  She advises students to be the expert on their own bodies, to always listen to how they are feeling, and to be willing to modify poses to accommodates their own personal needs.

As well as pursuing her yoga studies, Beverley also holds an Early Childhood Education diploma, an Elementary Bachelor of Education degree, and a Master of Education degree in Leadership.


Karen McColl


IMG_KarenAgnistambasana_4592Karen’s first downward dog was on Salt Spring Island in 2001, under the guidance of a yogi friend. She had eaten a lot of chocolate eggs that weekend (it was Easter) and remembers thinking yoga might be a good way to get some exercise. She got hooked of course, but like many people, Karen initially liked doing yoga postures for the physical benefits — it made her feel stronger, healthier and more flexible. As the years went on, she began to realize that yoga could also help relieve stress and calm her “monkey mind” (still working on that). This, in turn, got her interested in balancing more active styles of yoga with quieter types, like restorative and yin. Karen has a few friends who say they can’t do yoga because they are a “block of wood” (really inflexible). Well, Karen used to be a block of wood too, before she started practising. Now she is slightly more malleable but still has to work hard every day to stretch her mind and body a tiny bit further.


 Kayleen Willms


image1Kayleen fell in love with yoga in 2009 in a Vancouver hot yoga studio. She was in University at the time attending UBC and needed and outlet for the stress and mental exhaustion. Over the next few months her practice grew from 2 days a week to 4 – 5 days a week. This is when she really started to see a change not only in her body but mood and energy level as well. After moving home to Kelowna, Kayleen fell in love with the Moksha yoga sequence and community. In 2012 she moved to Whitehorse and has practiced at many of the studios in town and has continued to practice Moksha yoga on her own because of her love for the series.

In 2015 Kayleen completed her Moksha yoga training in Nicaragua. It is her dream to bring the Moksha sequence to the yogis in Whitehorse and create the space in her class to make them feel welcome and safe in the yoga room. She hopes to create a sense of community and love in her yoga class.


Natalie Wing


Natalie has been a dedicated daily practitioner of ashtanga yoga since 2011. She came to yoga with a background in dance and pilates, and with a very stubborn running-related injury. In time, and through the gentle guidance of Iain Grysak, she learned about the healing powers of this transformative practice.
Natalie feels that practice is grace, that finding space for practice is a gift, and that anyone can practice. She likes to focus on healthful foundations and building strength.



Jonathan Henkelman


Head shot
 I found yoga… or perhaps more correctly, yoga found me in 2008 and I have been a constant practitioner since. First yin yoga, and shortly after acroyoga (with a side of ashtanga yoga along the way) my practice has changed my approach to life. It brings an authenticity to connections that is much needed in this modern world; after all ‘yoga’ means ‘union’.Yin, and the associated inner meditative practices connects me with myself, giving me tools to understand who I am and my place in the world. Acroyoga brings an authentic connection with the people around me in ways that can be so hard to find—a sharing of physical and emotional spaces. This gives rise to a joyful playfulness that fuels my zest for living.
Having recently moved back to Whitehorse, YT, I am excited to share these practices, and to build an open, safe, and sharing community where we can learn about ourselves, and make true and authentic connections with others. Namaste!



Sylvia Gibson


dscf2330Sylvia is a Yoga Works certified instructor with a back ground in dance, creative movement and yoga.  She began teaching movement, breathing and stillness to children in Calgary, AB.  Since moving to Yukon, she has had two of her own children. She finds magic in working with children and youth and seeing the befits yoga can bring to them.




Dale Cooper


dale cooperDale Cooper is originally from Montreal where she began her dance training and has been a performing artist, dance teacher, & fitness instructor for just over 30 years.

She journeyed to the Yukon in 1982 to perform as a can-can dancer. The spell of the Yukon overtook her and she made the Yukon home. Over the years, Dale has performed in Dawson City’s Palace Grand Theatre, Diamond Tooth Gertie’s, the Frantic Follies and many Guild Hall productions.

She has taught various styles of dance at Whitehorse dance schools, the Music Art and Drama program and several public schools. She also teaches dancefit classes and has choreographed both amateur and professional productions in Whitehorse and Dawson City, Yukon.

Dale’s never ending search for a class that unites the dance and fitness world has inspired her to create a workout where the technique and movement of ballet can be used as a means to lengthen and tone muscles within the context of fitness, dance and well-being. Booty Ballet will strengthen arms, abs, legs, and booty in a low- impact, ballet-based, movement class. Dale believes that dance is a healthy way to leave you feeling fit, flexible and fine.



Jolene Ross


thumb_IMG_3728_1024Jolene Ross is a Teetl’it Gwich’in from Teetl’it Zheh (Fort McPherson), NWT. She has been practicing yoga regularly since 2007 and teaching since 2010. Studying under Yogi Vishvketu of the World Conscious Yoga Family, Jolene completed her 200-hr YTT at Prana Yoga Studio in Edmonton, AB and her 500-hr YTT at Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, India. 

Jolene turned to yoga to overcome personal issues and has seen the benefits change her life. Yoga awakened her spirit and brought her into her body. She truly believes in the healing powers of yoga and is convinced that the perfect place to get to know oneself is on the mat. Jolene thinks of herself as more of guide than a teacher and her classes focus on the mind, body, and self connection. Namaste



Hilary Seymour


IMG_0082Hilary has been practicing Yoga for close to ten years. She become hooked on hot vinyasa flow yoga in 2010 while studying in Ottawa. Since then, she’s completed her 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica. Hilary believes in teaching people, not postures. Having grown up on Vancouver Island, she has always maintained a passion for the outdoors and enjoys trail as well as long distance running, cross-country skiing and volleyball . School teacher by day, Hilary has called Yukon home since moving up in 2014 with with her husband and Saint-Bernard, Sara-Bea.




Julia Mertz



 Originally from Vancouver island, Julia discovered yoga in a fluorescent lit school gym in 2005. Her curiosity for yoga was first sparked by her late grandmother who weaved yoga, meditation and holistic health into her life. Julia’s love of yoga extended into the lives of family and friends before her passion took her to Costa Rica for her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2014.
Since then she has taught Vinyasa flow, with a focus on mindful movements and self-awareness, in Northern BC, Whitehorse, Thailand, and Laos. Julia has her Bachelor of Human Kinetics and currently works as a Therapist Assistant in Continuing Care. Julia’s compassionate and calm energy is infused into her classes and you will surely leave feeling rejuvenated and inspired!